DistractFree™ is our revolutionary solution that will reduce the number of Distracted Drivers and will Save Lives. As an added bonus, it will let you know the last location where you left your vehicle. You affix our quarter-sized transmitters to the vehicle, install the APP and the Driver’s area becomes a “Safe Zone”Free of mobile phone distractions, only when the vehicle is in motion. The driver can still use Emergency calling and features such as GPS and music. The isolation of Driver’s area allows the passengers in your vehicle to use their mobile devices in the usual way. Our mission is to make our roads safer one DistractFree Driver at a time.

  • Never be tempted by text, Facebook, Snapchat and other bells and vibrations while driving.
  • Protect the young drivers in your family by being the administrator of the App on their phones.
  • Your passengers will be able to use their mobile devices at all times.
  • Always know the last place you left your vehicle.


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Next Steps....

We invite the insurance industry to work with us and develop incentives for their customers to modify their behavior, when they are behind the wheel of a car.

We will be working with strategic partners, such as the local and national PTAs, non-profit organizations, insurance carriers, auto manufacturers and others, to promote the use of this life-saving technology in every vehicle and vessel around the world.