We Own the Intellectual Property

We are the sole owner of Intellectual Property (US Patent 8,994,492) that uses any wireless means, including Bluetooth, RFID or even Near Field Communication (NFC) to detect that a handset or mobile device is being used by a driver. We then can use any of several methods to disable any function including notifications or specifically (SMS) text messaging on the driver's handset.



Market Domination

Since we own the Intellectual Property (IP) for using any wireless technology for the detection of the driver's handset being in the driver's zone, this leads to a powerful IP portfolio and market domination for any product family that uses wireless technology to detect the operating zone of a device in a closed environment like a motor vehicle.  Using our technology a smart phone can have different behaviors based on its location in an automobile. In our current implementation we have chosen to use the popular Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which is only one of many wireless technologies for which we own the IP.


Patented Technology

Our top 10 patented technology, uniquely isolates the driver's area from the rest of the vehicle using our Mobile App combined with transponders. This combination will eliminate "tricking" the App by pretending to be the passenger. The APP can be customized to leave certain features of the phone functioning, i.e. receiving calls or GPS. And it can also put the phone in the "Airplane" mode, therefore, disabling all data and cellular services.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our cutting-edge technology will help in greatly reducing the number of fatalities and property damage due to Distracted Drivers.

This technology can also be utilized in other industries such as:

  1. Trucking
  2. Bus operators
  3. Railroad companies
  4. Mass Transit Authorities
  5. Shipping operators


Our Patent has Strong Intellectual Property

US Patent 8,994,492 has 5 independent claims that provide strong intellectual property coverage in the area of use of wireless technology including Bluetooth or RFID or any other wireless technology, to detect the presence of mobile device in a driver area. Unlike other methods in the market that disable texting (SMS) while the car is in motion regardless of who is using the mobile device hence becoming a nuisance and significantly limiting market coverage, our solution focuses on the driver only.

The App Focus on The Driver. It does not Affect Passengers

With this patent, once implemented, the APP will detect that the mobile device is in the driver area and hence only disable distracting functions of the driver and not affect the passengers. This issue is of particular importance when there are several passengers in the car, especially families.


The patent describes several methods for implementing the driver distraction disablement:

    1. By placing RFID tags around the driver and using the NFC reader and the patented detection algorithm on the smart phone to detect the presence of smart phone in the driver zone. Once the processing unit of the smart phone (smart phone with our APP), detects the presence in driver zone it can either, per the patent, use on-board accelerometer and patented algorithm to compute the speed of motion and beyond a threshold disable the distracting function on the phone, Or by linking through Bluetooth to the automobile processing unit learn about the speed of the vehicle and perform the same distraction disablement.
    2. The phone can act as a special NFC tag and one or more NFC readers would be placed around the driver. The RFID/NFC readers would use the patented algorithm to detect presence of the smart device in the driver zone. In this scenario the vehicle is expected to have the processing unit and by either informing the service provider or the phone itself via Bluetooth link to the phone, when the vehicle is in motion send the distraction disablement command to the service provider or the phone itself. In the latter scenario the phone needs to have the APP or logic to receive the Bluetooth distraction disabling command and respond to it.

We believe that with the prominence and the deep level of integration of NFC in smart phones, our patented technology along with the right partnership can provide a long-awaited solution to the auto industry that is easy to implement, will not be a nuisance and would be very effective.

Next Steps...

We invite the insurance industry to work with us and develop incentives for their customers to modify their behavior, when they are behind the wheel of a car.

We will be working with strategic partners, such as the local and national PTAs, non-profit organizations, insurance carriers, auto manufacturers and others, to promote the use of this life-saving technology in every vehicle and vessel around the world.